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Injectable Zyprexa

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Information on Zyprexa




Information on Zyprexa has continued to indicate there are potentially fatal effects. The risks of suffering side effects information on Zyprexa is not reaching physicians and patients according to Public Citizen consumer group, a possible reason why Zyprexa has continued to be the world’s best selling schizophrenia drug. According to the FDA’s information on Zyprexa, there have been 384 Zyprexa diabetes reports made. Due to vast underreporting thought to exist, the actual number of adverse events suffered cannot be accurately portrayed in the FDA information on Zyprexa.


So successful so far, Zyprexa manufacturer Eli Lilly has been seeking FDA approval on an injectable form of Zyprexa, however the FDA found information on the Zyprexa indicating there were manufacturing quality assurance flaws. More and more Zyprexa lawsuits are being filed representing patients that suffered serious adverse effects because they did not receive warning information on Zyprexa that it could occur.


Initially viewed as wonder drugs, information on Zyprexa may not have been fully known when first entering the market and now Zyprexa is being prescribed for indications beyond schizophrenia.


Eli Lilly seeks approval for injectable form of psychiatric drug Zyprexa.






NEW YORK, Jan 31, 2007 (Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co. on Wednesday said it aims to seek U.S. approval by midyear for a once-

monthly injectable form of its Zyprexa schizophrenia drug, and expects global sales of Zyprexa to remain stable in 2007.


Sales of Zyprexa, Lilly's biggest product, rose 4 percent last year to $4.36 billion. Higher overseas sales offset weak

performance in the United States -- where concerns continue about the drug's tendency to cause weight gains that can lead to diabetes.


The Indianapolis drugmaker told analysts in a conference call it expects company gross profit margins to "slightly improve" this year and that it expects a tax rate in the 22-percent range.



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